My business consists of various consulting services that will assist U.S. and Canadian agriculture industry, business community, processing industry and government agencies. These services will include:

Trade Management Services
1. C.I.T.P. (Canadian International Trade Professional) designation
2. Export and Import Protocol
3. Brokerage & Procurement of Specialty Products
4. Mentor, Matchmaking Services and Trade Mission Support
5. Secure Market Representation, Distribution & Direct Sales Support

Business & Marketing Management Services
6. Business Plans & Marketing Plans & Project Capitalization
7. Process Design, Plant Layout & Plant Operational Procedure
8. New Product Development, Product Specification, Project Costing, &Packaging Solutions
9. Structured Market Strategy
10. Personalized Coaching
11. Dynamic Workshops & Presentations

Program Management Services
12. Food Safety Program & Traceability Development
13. ISO 22000, HACCP, Primus GFS, Organic & Kosher certifications
14. FSSC, ISO 22000 System Development and Implementation
15. AS 9100 VerC System Development and Implementation
16. Control Goods Program for Canada/USA – ITAR

Internal Program Audits

I am confident in my ability to provide these services, in such a way, as to increase the productivity of any private business or government agency, as well as, open new and viable opportunities which will expand individual appeal in today’s very competitive industry!